About Me

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Hi, I’m Sue Ann Gleason. I’m a lover of words, a strong believer in the power of imagination, and a champion for women who want to lead a more delicious, fully expressed life.

For thirty years I mentored blossoming teachers and taught young children. Then, I decided it was time to follow another calling. I went back to school and prepared to enter the second half of my life with a whole new career: holistic health specialist and nourishment guide.

I was fearful at first. Not only was I leaving behind the known, a career I had nurtured and grown for three decades, I was leaving behind an identity, the core of my being: teacher.

It took a few years but pretty soon I understood that even though I had changed career paths, I was still very much a teacher.

I embraced my new business and it flourished. I discovered the pure joy in working for myself; I liked being “the boss of me.”

Soon, fellow solopreneurs and small business owners began noticing things about my work like killer copy, clever presentations, and a fabulous fan base.

They wondered how, in the space of six months, I managed to get featured in two major print publications: Oprah Magazine and Runner’s World, with nary a pitch.

Admittedly, I wondered that, too.

For me, growing a successful business began with a clear and noble intention, a calling. Next came the art of creating and building community, showing up fully, listening deeply … and responding. Not too different from skills I cultivated in the classroom.

I’ve learned a few more things along the way. I’d love to share those insights with you.

If you’re looking to build an honest business using wise marketing principles that are highly effective, engaging and REAL, I can help.

We’ll get along famously if you:

  • are intellectually curious
  • love to laugh
  • enjoy looking at your business and your life from new angles
  • believe that your career can be as nourishing and delicious as chocolate
  • are ready for a fresh perspective and maybe even a little nudge

Sound like a good fit?

Take a look at my programs and services and contact me if I can be of service.