Social Media Strategy


It’s not about Edgerank

Or algorithm

It’s not even about numbers, really.

It’s the energy you bring to your social media expression.

The gifts you bring to your community.

And the gifts your community brings to YOU.

Hi, I’m Sue Ann Gleason. I don’t claim to be a social media expert. I’m more interested in building communities, starting conversations, cultivating relationships, and crafting connection.

My ‘expertise’ is wrapped in a living, breathing example of what it means to grow an engaged online community with intention, humor and heart.

I started my Chocolate for Breakfast Facebook fan page in January of 2011 to bring pleasure and permission into a largely restrictive ‘healthy eating’ conversation and to celebrate chocolate makers and food bloggers, all over the world, who are creating delicious chocolate confections with beautiful, wholesome ingredients.

I started my chocolate for breakfast page to grow a community of chocolate lovers.

In 2012 Social Media Examiner named Chocolate for Breakfast one of the Top 10 Small Businesses Facebook Pages.

What the judges liked:

  • Outstanding engagement on page: over 60% “Talking About This”
  • Good use of photos
  • Entertaining, educational and inspiring posts—particularly the use of recipes
  • Good opt-in app

In just over two years I had 20,000 highly engaged followers and an average of 10,000 people ‘talking about the page’ on any given day.

Far more important than the number of fans on my Facebook page is the number of individuals engaging with the content.

Fellow entrepreneurs are rather shocked when I say my intention has never been to “monetize” my Facebook page. Prosperity in this endeavor has a much deeper layer. For me, the success of the page and the level of engagement that I maintain there is largely… A Work of Heart.

If you’re feeling a little frustrated with Facebook, or social media marketing in general, and you’d like to know how to elevate the conversation on your page, how to maintain the level of dialogue you inspire, or the many gifts you can expect from this kind of engagement, schedule a consult. I’d love to speak with you.

We won’t discuss tricks.

We won’t talk Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories. We’ll look at YOUR page and YOUR intention.

We’ll discuss the aesthetic of your page.

We’ll take a social media marketing walk, you and me, a look-over-my-shoulder experience.

We’ll craft a plan to approach your page in meaningful ways that keep both YOU and your community engaged so that so that you can enjoy all of the delicious social media opportunities available to you without getting sidetracked by less meaningful tactics. Because frankly, Facebook changes its formulas every day and your energy is better spent learning how to powerfully engage with your audience.

You’ll leave our social media strategy session with:

  • A new appreciation for what it means to grow a community
  • Solid action steps that have nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with relationship
  • Refreshing insights that will elevate every aspect of your online communication: website, newsletters, blog posts, social media opportunities and more
  • Quite possibly a whole new approach to social media marketing and engagement

Are you ready to bring more heART to your online communication?

Reserve a 50-minute “Spark & Strategy” session, $197


“Not only is Sue Ann delightful to work with, she knows everything there is to know about true Facebook engagement. Within one week my reach increased by 72% and the people talking about metric increased by 52%. Using Sue Ann’s strategy and techniques to engage thoughtfully and with purpose showed results almost instantly. I strongly recommend Sue Ann’s expertise if you wish to increase your Facebook reach and improve your engagement.”

Anastasia Valentine | Business Strategist


“Thinking of you as we approach ‘turkey day’ and what I’m most thankful for. I want you to know how meaningful our sessions have been. Facebook is going really well thanks to your expert advice. I have over 100 new “likes” in just three weeks. Amazing. I can’t believe that in four months, I more than quadrupled my Facebook following and took my engagement rate to a whole new level. I continue to learn a lot about how to engage, what to ask and what not to ask. GratefulGratefulGratefulGrateful! And thinking there’s magic afoot.”

Susan Berry | Certified Nutrition Specialist

“If you are an entrepreneur looking to boost your social media engagement but aren’t sure how to elevate your interaction, Sue Ann Gleason is a wonderful resource. Her strategy session provided me with valuable insight into ways to grab my target audience’s attention, peak their interest and then keep them coming back for more without spending hours online each day. Sue Ann’s suggestions for presentation, branding and management of my business Facebook page were spot on and have already increased its visibility and engagement. Best of all, Sue Ann showed me how to do all of this organically without paying for post promotion or advertisements!”

Dawn Veselka | Child Health Care Advocate

“Sue Ann is a master at building relationships and has naturally brought that gift to her interactions on Facebook. With over 20,000 “Likes” and 60-90% engagement, Sue Ann knows what it takes to create an interactive and engaging Facebook fan page. In our private consult, I learned how to make better use of my billboard space and the boxes at the top of my business page, as well as how to share and interact with other pages in a way that supports my audience. She shared resources that will support me in making these changes immediately. I am eager to learn more about how she creates and maintains the “real” and genuine engagement that is her signature. If all conscious and creative business owners and world changers interacted in this way, what a wonderful world it would be!”

Laurie T. Rosenfeld | Career Coach

“I am so excited about shaking up my FB page!!! Having you, the goddess of intentional relationships, give me permission to ask for interaction was great.”

I just love to see all of these friends eagerly joining me on my page.

I am so excited to share more! I now follow all the pages that my clients would love and share them on my own biz page. There is something magical in how you make this process sound so fun and lovely and that really inspires me to get started.

I have had a hard time using the customer avatar strategy to find out where my clients hang out because they are such an idiosyncratic bunch. But now I think I can cast a big enough net on Facebook to find them! Thank you, Sue Ann. Your gift will help so many.

Natasha Wozniak | Jewelry Designer

“Sue Ann gave me crucial information about how to use Facebook for my business. She showed me the importance of branding my Facebook page as well as my web site, something I had not considered before. She helped me prioritize the most important FB activities for someone with a limited amount of time. Sue Ann is patient and kind in the way she teaches. And, she really walks the talk when it comes to helping people grow their business. I’m so grateful for having met you, Sue Ann!”

Nina Forrest | Jewelry Designer

“Sue Ann is a born “connector” archetype. It’s no surprise that she figured out how to build meaningful connections on Facebook like no one else. (And I’ve listened to them all!) Sue Ann taught me how to nurture and create top fans, and how those top fans can become future clients. She has grown her pages organically, methodically and with love.”

Sue Ann’s advice and methodology is genius, and the best part is that it comes from the heart, something this lady has in spades.

If there was an award for women entrepreneurs in America today, she’d get Miss Congeniality! Allow Sue Ann Gleason to show you how to engage in a real way and grow your business pages from the heart. It’s way more fun.

Holli Thompson | Nutritional Stylist

“Wow. I just had my Facebook consultation with Sue Ann and I’m feeling so energized. I see so many possibilities. I now know exactly what I need to do to build community on my Facebook page. It doesn’t feel daunting or tedious, either, because she showed me how to approach this in a way that feels like a natural extension of my personality and my brand instead of cold, dry marketing. But the advice she gave me is not just warm and fuzzy, it’s practical, too. I can’t wait to get started!”

Amy Scott | Book Coach & Editor


“Wow! My first consultation with Sue Ann busted several myths surrounding social engagement. Some of the simplest things, I had just overlooked. I changed my images so that my page is an extension of my brand and I’m so excited to implement the rest of the changes she suggested. I can already feel how much my online presence will change. Dramatically. I can’t recommend her enough…in fact I don’t know that I would have gotten this information any other way.”

Lazarus Nazario | Artist


“I now understand the purpose of Facebook and how it can support my business in an authentic way. Your suggestions feel strategic to my particular business rather than general templates for using this social media platform. I am inspired to implement the suggestions. I feel I have a way to now craft an online presence that genuinely represents who I am, what my mission is and the relationships I want to build. I look forward to hearing about your class and working with you again.”

Denise Tilley | Couture Hat Designer

“Sue Ann’s vision for Facebook: creating relationships instead of one-sided conversations really spoke to me. While different from the norm, it’s much more in line with what I want to create and who I am. I loved her suggestions and action steps for me—they were concrete, simple, and easy to implement. I also very much appreciated that she understood my time constraints and helped me find other solutions that work better with my schedule.”

Sue Ann helped me reflect on what I wanted my bigger vision for my business page to be and her question about making it more fun really hit home. When she asked me that question, I realized that was truly the piece that had been missing for me. I now know what I need to cultivate for myself and for those who visit my page.

Thank you so much, Sue Ann, for your insights, your prodding, and for sharing your knowledge and experience with me.

Claudia Olivie | Holistic Health Coach

“I’m amazed how much heart can go into Facebook. Sue Ann brought me into her world and showed me how she engages, loves and gives to her raving fans. I’m excited to put these simple steps into action in a more clear and deliberate way with my tribe. Thank you!”

Hillary Rubin | Spiritual Life + Career Coach


“There are many people who claim to be social media “experts” but Sue Ann is the real deal! Her real life results in building a huge fan base, through engagement, speaks volumes. Her expertise and insights were invaluable in helping my jewelry business students (and me) grow our fan base and engagement levels. Sue Ann is a FB superstar!”

Tracy Matthews | Jewelry Designer


“Sue Ann is an absolute treasure (and she just might love chocolate as much as I do). Before I spoke with her about social media, I felt overwhelmed and barely wrote on my Facebook business page. It was languishing in the ether and needed to be revived. She taught me that it most definitely doesn’t have to be a chore—that it can actually be fun and heartfelt. Now I enjoy my FB page and it’s become an engaging way to communicate with other food lovers. It’s fun, it’s light, it’s heartfelt. And that’s what’s so wonderful about Sue Ann—she treats business as she does her life: welcoming, with wisdom, passion and heart. Not only is it inspiring, but it’s contagious, too!

Sue Ann will help you grow your business, without all the noise that’s out there. She’ll help you quiet your mind so that you can do what’s in your heart.”

Tracey Ceurvels | Food Writer

Let’s bring your heART into your social media strategy!